Chocolate Pie Pops

I had a go at copying the recipe for pie pops from the amazing Call Me Cupcake! blog. The pastry recipe was definitely a winner: I've tried it since with bought pastry and it just doesn't compare to the first time I did it, following the recipe. I even bought a cookie cutter especially just to make them, although I think I filled them too much as you can see from the chocolate oozing out. They were great fun to do though and don't take too much preparation as long as you have enough time to leave the pastry before making the pies up. What do you think?

Pies on a stick. What could be better?


  1. Yeah I follow her too, she is also swedish like me :) I thnk her photos are so beautiful.

    1. They really are. I want to try out some of her other recipes too. They look amazing