Recent Instagram Photos

I thought I might share some recent instagram photos this time with some little numbered description below. I  tried to filter out most of the photos of food I've been taking lately so it's a bit less... um... 'foody'? Incidently, I'm @xenocblood on instagram if you want to follow me and see all my uninteresting photos of make-up, cups of coffee and general goth housewife things.

1. Trying out some red/purple eyebrows for a change. 2. The first dinner I made in the flat and it wasn't a disaster! Jacket sweet potato with tuna, onion and chili. I'm never having normal, non-sweet potato jacket potatoes again. 3. Loving the Christmas coffee menu in Costa this year. My favourite is a honeycomb hot chocolate and this picture is of a black forest gateaux hot chocolate. Not my 'cup of tea', but it looks awesome. 4. 'Made' some peanut butter by flinging some roasted peanuts in the food processor. Got some monkey nuts now to crack and try making some more with. 5. The dark chocolate peanut butter balls I made with the pb. Not great looking and tasted pretty bitter compared to normal, but I kinda liked it! 6. Re-dyed my hair for my first time in the flat the other day. Happily the bath didn't get dyed purple as well so that's a relief.


  1. Food is good... Food is very good :D

    And you look like Morticia Addams on the last picture! Beautiful <3

    1. I forgot to ask, are you going to put more of the felt skull monster brooches on Etsy? Pretty... urmm... Heavy Metal please :P