Watercolour Hair Extension

After finally deciding which colour combination to go for, I ordered my own "Watercolour" pastel hair extension from the amazing Krista of Miss Violet Lace. I've never worn an extension before and I was worried how it would stay in, but it came with a heavy duty clip that stayed in perfectly well all day. I had to order and 18" extension because my hair's pretty long now. I feel like a magical My Little Pony when I wear it - it's so flippin' awesome.

I'm a sucker for sweet packaging. The parcel even came smelling of strawberries...

 ... ah, that'll be the strawberry sweet that came with it. Cute! Why the hell didn't I think of doing that when I post parcels? ... Maybe sweets don't really go with black metal merchandise.

Here you can see the clip and the gorgeous pastel colours: green, lilac and pink.

And here's me, giving it a go.

You can wear it with your hair kirbied back, with a quiff or even just with your hair down. Score.


  1. This is beautiful! Must check that etsy shop out.. ♥

    1. Yeah, she's got such gorgeous stuff for sale! Also it was one of the few places with extensions that were long enough for my hair, haha!