Skinnydip Shell Bag & Candy Rain Jumper

♥ Jumper - Candy Rain from Cutesy Kink ♥ Skirt - H&M ♥ Necklace - Q-Pot ♥ Bag - Skinnydip from Topshop ♥ Hair bobble - Cutesy Kink

Q-Pot Pink Shell Macaron Necklace

My birthday is coming up (and it's a big one) so I decided to save up and treat myself to something from the Q-Pot International shop. I was a little nervous as I'd never bought a necklace from them before; only rings which aren't as expensive. I shouldn't have been worried though as the pink shell macaron necklace I had decided on was so beautifully made and of such good quality that it was worth every penny. 

The only problem I have is that it's so lovely I want to wear it all the time!

Recent Make-Up Looks

I think a lot of people have a "staple" look, the one you go to when you want to look fancy, but don't have any time to experiment with colour or new products. This one's mine: Mac 'Ruby-Woo' on the lips, Sugar Pill 'Love+' under the eyes and the cut-crease is a red pencil rubbed in my pinky and blended over with a black eyeshadow. Dead easy! I wore it to an art auction the other night.

I've been having fun with my Too Faced Sugar Pop eyeshadow palette lately. This look is 'Blue Raspberry' (weirdly named because it's actually a nearly-matte turquoise) from the palette on the lids, blended out with some browns and bronzes.