Mermaid Bear Necklace & Some Mermaid D.I.Y.

When I saw this teddybear mermaid necklace pop up in the Moon Bunny etsy shop, I couldn't resist treating myself. It's a teddybear... and a mermaid. And it has little golden shell nip-covers. How ridiculously, hilariously cute is that!?

It's incredibly well-made as well, with so much attention to detail.

I also made myself a few gold-coloured mermaid accessories recently:

I got this seashell mirror compact on ebay for a couple of quid and glued some swarovskis and plastic shells to it (I got the shells is a mermaid jewellery kit for kids and painted them gold).

A papercraft seahorse I got from Millers and turned into an earring...

... And here's a sparkley stud earring that I made from a gemstone sticker from Paperchase glued onto a piece of clear PVC which I then glued onto an earring back. Cheap as chips!

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